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I place an order with on Sunday, May 11th. I had made previous orders and had minimal to no problems.

On Monday I found out that my debit card had been compromised and my checking account had been wiped clean. My bank informed it was because of this purchase. I emailed Heidi to let her know and I got form reply back by email. On Friday, I received my order.

All of the paper, card stock and stickers sheets were damaged. I called Heidi on Friday afternoon, May 16 at approximately 3:38pm. I explained to her that I just received my order and all of the paper and sticker sheets were damaged. I told her I had sent her an email with a picture.

She put me on hold and said she had to check on what to do. After a couple minutes she came back and said that she would credit my credit card. I reminded her that that credit card had been compromised when I made this order. I told her I didn't want a refund, I wanted it replaced.

I also asked for expedited shipping. She said no and said that was company policy. I asked her if she gave me extra for shipping and she said no again, that wasn't company policy to do that. I also asked asked how I was going to get my money back when the card I used was canceled.

She told me that the credit card company would figure that out. So I then said I paid for an order, received it damaged and all I get is my money back to a card that doesn't exist. I asked about returning my shipping costs. she said no, not company policy.

I asked her how that was my fault and she barely said sorry. I asked for her boss and she said she was the manager, that there was no one else to speak too. I asked for her supervisor and she said she didn't have one. Seriously?

Who doesn't have a supervisor except for the person who owns the company or the CEO? And even then they have a board of directors to report too. She would not budge, did not offer to do anything. She was very short, rude and acted as if what happened was my fault.

I am so distraught and disappointed I can't even tell you. The customer service at this company is lacking much less there.

I believe that I deserve more than my money back. When I first called to report damage, alls I wanted was replacement. But I feel Heidi took it too far and not wanting to help a customer made it worse.

I would like my money back and I would like it in a money order. I do not trust the company to receive a check and I certainly would not accept credit on their website.

I will not be ordering from them again. I also expect to be reimbursed for shipping costs.

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The refund is not prompt and does not exist. I did receive a refund for shipping but only because they gave it to me in a different form of payment.

I have not received a refund and I will not receive one to the card they said they refunded it too because it was canceled. I have asked my bank 3 times now and the answer is the same every time, I will not will receive credit to a card that no longer exists. I have told this A Cherry On Top several times.

I have emailed them asking how I will get my refund and they have not responded back to me. They responded once but not the second time.


Customer received a prompt refund for the damaged products and for all shipping costs.

We were very sorry to hear about our customer’s debit card being compromised.

We expressed our concern to her and promptly verified with our credit card merchant company that her debit card was not compromised because of the transaction she placed with us.

When a customer makes a purchase on our website, our credit card merchant company captures the debit/credit card information and processes the payment without us ever seeing the debit/credit card numbers or information. Because our company is not allowed access to the debit/credit card information of placed orders, our customers' debit/credit card information is never stored online nor do we keep copies of it at our offices.

--A Cherry on Top--

to Anonymous Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States #1303947

now that I have read this i will not be making a purchase..

to new customer to cherry on top Houston, Texas, United States #1303959

I have to tell that I have ordered again from them and my products have all been received in good shape. It seems this was a one time incident as it has not happened again.

I have been pleased with how they have carefully shipped my orders.

Give them a chance. This was almost 3 years ago.

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